5 Home Stage Trends to Watch

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5 Home Staging Trends to Watch:

 - Send Cozier Vibes: Cozy is the new "luxury. We're using more place settings on tables, setting up a coffee station with a tray, mugs, and napkins. displaying magazines and books on coffee tables, and draping fur throw blankets over beds - all of this conveys a more homey feel. Outside, have a fire pit surrounded by chairs or a hammock on the lawn.

 - Give Prominence to the Home Office: We're seeing the home office as an area to home stage. We either stage a room that was clearly built as an office or we create a space for use as an office. The rise of people working from home means showing a space that can be used for that purpose.

- Spotlight outdoor living: The "bonus" room may now be your livable outdoor space. Home staging will not stop at the back door. From pretty porches that offer an optimal impression to an outdoor haven that expands the home's living space - staging in 2021 - will embrace the entire property.

 - Bring on the natural light: The pandemic has created a higher level of anxiety. Studies suggest that natural light from great windows or enclosed outdoor spaces can boost people's mood and, over the long term, improve mental health.

 - Offer contactless services: Virtual tour staging consultants offers client's a safe and cost-effective way to enhance their property's appeal and engage buyers.


Get Ready To Sell

l Practice thorough yard maintenance. l Reseal cracks in concrete areas. l Power-wash the exterior. l Clean and align gutters and downspouts. l Clean the chimney. l Remove oil stains from driveway and garage. Sweep walks and driveway. l Wash windows. l Thoroughly clean the interior. l Repair damage to all indoor surfaces. l Repair drippy faucets and showerheads. l Unclog slow drains. l Shampoo carpets, scrub and wax linoleum and wood floors. l Clean out the fireplace. l Mend torn screens. Clean out window tracks. l Replace burned-out light bulbs. l Renail creaking boards or stairs; lubricate squeaking doors. l Clean all appliances. l Replace toilet seats and shower curtains. l Clear away all cobwebs. l Wash all light switches, handrails and doorknobs.